Mission Statement

This is Trash Talk.Trash Talk is a school improvement project that aims to reduce SBHS’ waste stream by increasing and improving labeling on trash I and recycling bins. We will encourage recycling on campus through school spirit, art installations, and media campaigning.

According to the most recent data, Santa Barbara County has a waste diversion rate of 73%. That means that only 27% of our waste actually ends up in the landfill. On the other hand, Santa Barbara High School has a diversion rate of only 44%. A group of students plans to change that number by encouraging recycling at SBHS, in a project called Trash Talk.

The students, who belong to the Visual Arts and Design Academy at SBHS, designed artistic and informative signs that will be placed on trash and recycling bins to remind students what goes in each bin. One reason SBHS recycles so little is that students often put trash in the recycling bins, which means everything in the bin has to be sent to the landfill. The group plans to make recycling convenient by getting more recycling bins for the school.

The students will bring attention to the issue of recycling by creating an art installation on campus, a public service announcement in the video bulletin and an article in the school newspaper. Because SBHS recycles less than Dos Pueblos, they plan to appeal to student's sense of school pride. They will also spread the word to students at local elementary schools through fun presentations and activities.

Increasing recycling benefits Santa Barbara High as well as the environment. Because recycling is 36% cheaper than trash collection, the schools can save a lot of money by increasing its waste diversion rate.