Rain Campaign

How to Make Your Own Collection System

This page is dedicated to helping people install their own rainwater collection system as easily as possible.


Your house must have a functioning gutter system. You must also have enough viable space to fit the collection system on the side of your house. Installing your own system can get a little pricey, but remember that rainwater collection systems are an investment that will continue to save you money and water for many years after they are installed - a cost savings over the long run!

What to Buy

If you don't already have a gutter system on the roof of your house, look to have one installed. ICB tanks are required to collect the rainwater with. You will also need a sufficient piping system to connect the gutters to the ICB tanks. You will need sufficient filtering systems to ensure pollutants don't enter your tanks. Screen filters will be needed to be applied to the gutters so that larger material like leaves get filtered out. Afterwards, the dirt will be filtered out with a first flush system, wich can be bought at a hardware store. Click Here to see a diagram that includes the first flush system.

Although the screen filters and the first flush system filter the water of large particles, this does not make the water safe enough the drink. The water collected is not fit for consumption.