Rain Campaign

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Welcome to The Rain Campaign

We are a student-run organzation that strives to promote the application and use of rainwater collection systems in our community. We are working to install a rainwater collction system on Santa Barbara High School's very own Green Academy, a small farm on our high school's campus. Such an installation would save approximately 780 gallons of water per square inch of roof surface. Since all agricultural practices are very water-demanding, any water we can collect naturally without tapping into our precious groundwater reserves can make a big difference! This project will have a real-world effect, but sadly we cannot fund it all on our own, and we would benefit with your help. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated; no amount is too small! Please make donation checks to the Green Academy.

To learn more about rainwater collection systems and their benefits, click on the Rainwater Collection tab above!

To learn more about investing in a rainwater collection system, click on the DIY Collector tab above. There you will learn about what you will need to have or buy if you want to implement a rainwater collection system onto your house.