Erase E-Waste

About Us

Erase E-Waste is a group of AP Environmental Science students at Santa Barbara High School who are aiming to create zero waste in our community. One of the worst components of the waste generated by Americans is electronic waste, or e-waste for short. E-waste is toxic and can have many negative environmental effects, while also causing severe pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. In America, 70% of toxic waste comes from improper disposal of electronics; that is why Erase E-waste's mission is to work closely with schools to both educate our community about the consequences of e-waste and teach them how to dispose of it properly. We will also be working with organizations, such as Computer for Families, to collect and dispose e-waste in a sustainable manner.

We plan to hold an e-waste drive at Santa Barbara High School where people can drop off any old or broken electronics they have lying around their homes, take old electronic items to disposal sites so they can be properly recycled, partner with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where customers can exchange old electronics for a discount on their order, partner with Computers For Families in order to help provide computers to local families (they are especially in need of computer mice, power cables, and PCs that are Windows compatible), neighborhood pick ups of e-waste items, and awareness programs at local elementary schools.