Myles Adams (far left), Connor Dougherty (middle left), Ava Schulenberg (middle right), Sky Ulep (far right), Peter Cadachure and Alexa Ramirez (not in picture)

The Research Committee completed several pages of research regarding the unique plant communities in Santa Barbara. This included the physical characteristics, the importance of restoration, and the reasons for degradation for each of these plant communities.


Lucie Simmons (back left), Lee Park (back middle left), Harrison Gilman (back middle), Haley Hanson (back middle right), Alex Arend (back right), Tanner Munizich (front)

The Production Committee worked together to create accessible and appealing graphics for The Coastal Service organization’s audience. We created multiple logos, Coastal Service team t-shirts, and informational posters to distribute to the community to raise awareness of our cause and the work that we do.

Jad Dahneke (back left), Jonah Iwanaga (back middle), Tristan Fauntleroy (back right), Renee Berkus (front left), Biance Badham (front middle left), Hailey DeBoer (front middle right), Maddy Wall (front right)

The Marketing Committee filmed and took pictures of all three work days and used those clips to create a video for our class about what we did. We also took charge of putting on a bake sale and dealing with all of the money and any advertising that was done.

Noah Gillard (left), Ivy Hirsch (2nd from the left), Austin Jackson (3rd from the left), Wyatt Hagen (3rd from the right), Sam Steady (2nd from the right), Kate Burrows (right)

The Outreach Committee’s goals were to effectively create positive change in our community through various group efforts such as restoring the natural coastline through remediation and reaching out to schools in the area raising student’s awareness of the importance of habitat restoration. Our work will hopefully influence future projects regarding habitat restoration.